How can I vote in the European Parliament elections?

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How to vote if I want to vote in my country of residence?



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Voting should be easy, right? For the European Parliament elections, every member state is partially free to choose their own voting system. This can make it really hard to find out how to vote, especially if a person is not living in the country where they have citizenship. We believe that young people need the tools to inform themselves about the European elections and how to vote in their country. For this, we are developing an app which provides information on how to vote in different countries.

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We strive to inform people in Europe, especially the youth, in order to equip them with the needed knowledge and to encourage them to be engaged in the democratic process in the future. We are therefore motivated to increase the participation and youth engagement in Europe and want to increase our understanding of the EU, tackle mistrust and apathy amongst the citizens through peer-to-peer education.

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With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union for the project "My Europe, My Say".